PRESS: Jewish Journal - May 22, 2014

In 2014, The Jewish Journal wrote a feature on then-new Tzion and founder David Starr:

David Starr’s story is, in many ways, a tale of continuity and change in American Jewry. His father worked for the Amalgamated Clothing Workers, a union that in Emil Starr’s day was infused with the socialist values that were widespread among secular, leftish American Jews up through the mid-20th century. The son became a rabbi.

The father was national education director for the union, and spent his life in various other adult-education endeavors. The son also has devoted his career to adult education, first as founding dean of the Me’ah program in Jewish literacy at Hebrew College, and now as originator of Tzion, a program he designed to educate American Jews about Zionism and Israel.

The new program has grown from a single class in Sharon last year — the program’s first — to five sites. Four more sites will open in the fall.
— Charles A. Radin

Read the full article here: "New Tzion Program Educates About Israel"